Our depth of expertise qualifies us to accept instruction in the following areas:

  • Family Law

    Family Law Litigation for the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court;

    Adversarial or Shadow Expert valuation advice in Family Law or other matters;

    Family Law matters prior to formal court proceedings and for initial negotiation, mediation, conciliation conferencing and provision agreements.

  • Disputes

    Estate dispute or provisioning matters;

    Supreme Court or District Court real property dispute matters.

  • Valuations

    Prestige Residential;

    Easement or partial holdings valuations;

    Acquisition or resumption valuations either partial or whole property;

    Retrospective valuation matters over any time period;

    Specialist fair market value assessments;

    Hypothetical or development valuation issues;

    Professional indemnity valuation consultancy and legal proceedings;

    Mortgagee, administrator or liquidator appointed property.

  • Rental Determinations

    Rental assessment appointments in the case of:





  • Insurance | Strata | Private

    Insurance replacement and re-instatement;

    Strata Owner’s Corporation valuations for insurance, re-allocation of unit entitlements, common property issues or any associated matters;

    Privately instructed valuations for specific purposes.

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